How to Show Off on the Tradeshow Floor

Sage advice from Freeman

If you’re like me, you grew up with some personal guidance on how to behave in public, like putting others first, minding your manners, and, perhaps, not stealing the limelight from other people.  Well, that’s great, always helps to know how to behave in “polite society” but, when it comes to exhibiting on the tradeshow floor, all bets are off. According to one of the world’s leading events and exhibition companies, Freeman, get out there, be bold and, downright, steal the thunder from the other guy. Of course, they’re more polite about it. Consider the company’s directives below. If you’re an exhibitor, they are pearls of wisdom gleaned from a special resource report from its website,

Graphics That Grab Those on the Go: Best practices are effective graphics that draw attendees into your exhibit and provide an eye-catching, engaging introduction to your brand. But just as important as what you say is how you say it (or show it). 

  1. Keep it short: The events and exhibit company says you have five seconds to grab the crowd’s attention, so make those seconds count. Think simple and clear for value propositions that audiences can grasp quickly. Here’s a chance to be creative: Replace lengthy copy with captivating images, artwork, and bold type. 
  2. Target the top, literally: Present important messages and images high enough to be above the heads of the crowd but not in the clouds, not so high that attendees must strain to look. Keep it comfortable, about six to nine feet above ground is a good range. 
  3. Encourage action: Make it friendly. Create messages that motivate your visitors to do something: Interact with your product, answer or ask a question, or share an experience. 

Touchy, Feely Exhibit Displays: Best practices for putting your exhibit on display include LEDs, touchscreens, and other digital displays, all of which offer eye-catching and fun opportunities to interact with your brand. Content can include slideshows, sizzle videos, animations, and more. 

  1. Catch attention: Identify the best locations that showcase your brand and booth layout. Make sure your in-booth content is available digitally so attendees can watch on their phone and remote audiences can view on-demand even after the show ends. 
  2. Sound off: Include sound, one of our greatest senses, as part of the exhibit can be compelling. But before you pump up the volume, check with show management about restrictions and any other approvals needed. 
  3. Update on the fly: Most important, be prepared to revise your messages in real-time. Whether you want to change due to attendee feedback, provide on-site updates about the show, or simply edit a mistake, you have flexibility.

All that said, be sure to read the whole report on Freeman’s website (noted above). And remember, mind your manners in public but go wild on the exhibit floor and you will get the results you’re hoping to achieve. Thanks, Freeman.

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