Las Vegas Shows Support for CES During Its Virtual Installment
  • January 19, 2021

    LAS VEGAS, NV – Las Vegas resorts and attractions recently joined together to show their support for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with an orchestrated marquee display hours before the start of the annual show. CES, which has been held in Las Vegas for more than four decades, is being held virtually this year due to the pandemic.las vegas shows 2021, las vegas shows 2021

    More than two dozen marquees along the Las Vegas Strip and downtown were lit with a “We miss you and can’t wait to welcome you back in 2022” message the evening of Sunday, Jan. 10. Footage of the marquee display was shared with all CES attendees as part of the programming. Multiple resorts destination-wide also delivered the message on their respective social media handles.

    CES is one of the largest and longest-standing conventions in the destination, and we miss the show’s organizers and attendees greatly this year,” said Steve Hill, LVCVA President and CEO. “We wish them a successful virtual show, and we are excited to welcome them back to Las Vegas with open arms next year.”

    “The support and long-term partnership we have with Las Vegas is invaluable,” said CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro. “For decades the city’s hotels, workers and community have welcomed us with an outpouring of hospitality. CES looks forward to returning in 2022 and having a five-sense experience that includes the magic of Vegas.”