Javits Center Launches Online Ordering System for Exhibitors
  • January 11, 2018

    NEW YORK, NY — New York Convention Center Operating Corporation (NYCCOC) President and CEO Alan Steel has announced the official launch of Jake — a new online portal for exhibitors to order a wide range of products and services for upcoming events at the convention center on Manhattan’s West Side. The new portal allows customers to order more than 200 products and services from the Javits Center’s website — javitscenter.com — including electrical and cleaning services, as well as audio equipment and lighting fixtures. With this new portal, exhibitors can: obtain price quotes for anticipated services; review costs before placing orders; receive electronic receipts and order confirmations; and review a detailed Jake order history by event, making it easier to place orders for future events. In this first phase of Jake, only exhibitors will be able to place orders by creating an account with a valid email address and a desktop computer or mobile device.

    “The Javits Center is an international hub of commerce and culture, and this new online portal will make it easier than ever for our customers to visit and unveil their latest idea or invention,” said Steel. “From a technology transformation to a security overhaul, Jake epitomizes the recent progress we have made as an organization, and we are proud to offer this new service that simplifies the ordering process for thousands of customers. By combining technology and transparency, we are providing a better experience for exhibitors who depend on us to create a successful event.”

    The Javits Center also has launched an internal software platform called OneJavits to interface with Jake and further modernize day-to-day operations. This new software will automate the scheduling of work assignments and integrate these assignments with customer orders to ensure a more efficient process.

    These new software platforms will become critical to enhancing operations at the Javits Center as the expansion project moves forward at the north end of the six-block campus. For details on the project, see the New York feature in the F&D 2017 Summer/Fall issue.