David L. Lawrence Convention Center Introduces Hybrid Event Studio
  • November 25, 2020

    PITTSBURGH, PA — The 2020 Prime Site Award-winning David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC) has introduced The Confluence, an Event Studio, which will enable organizations to live stream, pre-record presentations and host hybrid events.

    “While hybrid meetings are not new in our industry, the demand for them has increased dramatically due to this pandemic forcing meeting and event planners to make adjustments to their events to continue to address the needs of their members and attendees who will not be ready to travel anytime soon,” said DLCC General Manager Tim Muldoon. “The Confluence offers a professional setting and the latest technology to present webinars, panel discussions, training, summits and keynotes.”

    The venue can be customized — even relocated – according to planners’ needs, added Kelli Donahoe, CMP, DLCC Director of Sales and Marketing. “While The Confluence presently has a permanent location in the Center, we understand that planners may want the studio closer to the exhibit hall or another area, so we can relocate the technology/equipment quite easily.”

    The Confluence’s technology is supported by Three Rivers Entertainment, which has extensive experience executing high-quality virtual, hybrid and recorded productions; and showNets, the Center’s exclusive telecommunications provider that offers a fully redundant dual circuit that can burst well above planners’ needs. “If that may sound sophisticated, that’s because it is,” said Donahoe. “But no worries because a tech will be available for the duration of the event, and a dedicated network engineer will manage and monitor the network and stream in real-time to ensure that everything is functioning properly.”

    Muldoon added that The Confluence can be a perfect solution for local and regional organizations that are not able to meet. “We have already had the studio used by a Pittsburgh organization for a meeting, and it went flawlessly,” he said.