It’s All About The Future at ICCA in DC

Diversity, Equality & Inclusivity. Artificial Intelligence. Farm-To-Table Practices. Safety & Security. Health & Wellness, Environmental Sustainability, and so much more. Argh!  The world is on the cusp of so many changes that it’s impossible to keep up. Like last year’s Academy Award-winning movie, “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” societal shifts seem to be coming from all angles simultaneously.

As is always the case, and what has always been interesting to me, is that the meetings and hospitality industry, perhaps more than any other, is quick to reflect and incorporate these changes into its everyday business practices, always ready to process the latest information and educate its growing number of meeting and event planners from the profit and nonprofit sectors. The best way to do that, of course, is through a continuous stream of national and international conferences and conventions held throughout the year.

One that caught my eye recently was on PCMA News Junkie website.  It’s ICCA’s (International Congress and Convention Association) The Future of Association Meetings and Societal Transformation to be held April 9 in Washington, DC – the mecca of all association groups. ICCA describes it as a “Forward-thinking event that explores the future landscape of association meetings and their role in societal transformation, where associations take center stage as they share challenges, while suppliers rotate tables, engaging in focused discussions to collaboratively identify solutions.”

Hard to believe but “Future” will be a one-day event. So, of course, it will be chockful of helpful information and activities as it “delves deeply into the future of association meetings – exploring trends, technological advancements, and transformative strategies.” And, while it might seem like “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” ICCA urges planners to act now and “elevate your perspective at the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, envisioning how associations can shape a better future by 2030.” It’s almost a mandate and the event is not too far away either.

The actual location will be, fittingly enough, at ASAE’s headquarters (1575 I Street in DC) and several of the expected “learner outcomes” (there are many more) are:

  1. How to navigate evolving trends and innovations; gain insight into emerging trends and innovations influencing meetings
  2. How to develop creative solutions to leverage association meetings as a force for positive societal change
  3. How to foster a practical understanding of impactful business strategies

Best of all, I think, is that ICCA promises that attendees will explore actual case studies and best practices to leverage meetings as a force for positive societal change. If all of this is still fairly new to you, “The Future of Association Meetings…” is one promising event you cannot miss.  Should you attend, let us know your thoughts.

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