12 Reasons to Meet On the Tropical Isle of Puerto Rico

12 Reasons to Meet On the Tropical Isle of Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico is approximately 1,000 miles from Miami. It has also been a U.S. Territory since the dawn of the 20th Century. Still, even with American influence of well over 100 years, it nurtures a certain international feeling that cannot be denied which, in turn, makes it a great consideration for an upcoming meeting or convention. The perks are many, as outlined below:

    1. No passports are required
    2. No international phone plans are necessary
    3. There are 24 direct flights from U.S. airports that fly into San Juan daily
    4. Its major convention center is the largest in the Caribbean
    5. There’s a new and exciting entertainment district adjacent to the convention center
    6. A proactive DMO known as Discover Puerto Rico is now in its 5th year
    7. It’s an “international” destination so close to home
    8. There’s that friendly “Bariqua” spirit throughout
    9. There are group-friendly historic sites, venues, and attractions
    10. Recreational activities can be immersive and extreme like ziplining, rock climbing, scuba diving, and more; or, rejuvenating like sunning and boating.
    11. There is a wide range of meeting-style hotels and resorts
    12. It sports a tropical forest climate in the 60s to 80s Fahrenheit depending on location and elevation

Be sure to check out Destination Report:
Puerto Rico in the upcoming Winter issue of Facilities & Destinations. — Stella Johnson

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