LA Conv Center Not Only Prepares for 2028 Olympic Events But Larger Groups Too!


Earlier this month, it was a win-win situation when the Los Angeles City Council voted to move the LA Convention Center (LACC) Expansion and Modernization Project forward. The vote to do so highlights the City’s commitment in investing in the LACC, an economic engine for the region. More than that, the project that will create thousands of jobs for all, and will attract visitors and attendees alike – as well as bring new revenue to the City’s General Fund.

The decision was just-in-time, too, as it is expected to be completed just in time for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2028. According to an official announcement:

“Council approved a design-build delivery model that contracts with a joint venture of AEG and The Plenary Group to complete the project before the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In the upcoming months, the City will work with AEG, Plenary, Populous (architect) and general contractors PCL and Webcor to finalize design plans, schedule and costs before construction starts in spring 2025.”


What could be more perfect? The whole project will quickly stimulate economic growth in the region as local businesses, especially in downtown L.A., are dependent on direct and indirect spending from the LACC. When completed, the decision is expected to draw more than $165 million in visitor spending each year – and it will create 7,445 new jobs during construction and approximately 2,100 jobs on an ongoing basis.


Chief Tourism Officer and Executive Director of the City Tourism Department Doane Liu commented accordingly: “Thank you to the City Council for their vision and leadership to invest in a public infrastructure project that is essential for L.A.’s future. Despite being in the second largest city in the United States, the LACC is currently a second-tier facility, and we are losing out on business to other cities due to the constraints of the convention center. With this expansion, LACC will become a premier destination that is able to pursue larger events that bring visitors to L.A. and who spend money at our local hotels, restaurants and attractions, adding additional revenue to the City’s General Fund.”


Surprisingly, while Los Angeles is ever-popular with the general tourism sector of the travel industry, it admits it has been at a competitive disadvantage in attracting the larger citywide conventions due to the lack of contiguous space, especially as competing convention centers have completed, or are in the process of completing, their own major expansions. Los Angeles’ new construction plan will connect the two existing South and West Exhibit Halls by adding 190,000 square feet of space to create one contiguous hall, and will add 55,000 square feet of new meeting room space and 95,000 square feet of multipurpose space. The plan also includes a redesign of Gilbert Lindsay Plaza, which should seal the deal very nicely with its public open space – surely destined to become an exciting outdoor venue for receptions, gatherings and other special events.


“The expansion and modernization of the Los Angeles Convention Center are critical for the continued recovery of our local economy,” said Adam Burke, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board. “Citywide conventions support thousands of jobs and hundreds of businesses across every L.A. region and neighborhood, and we’re grateful to the City Council for their leadership in advancing this pivotal initiative with today’s vote. As one of the travel industry’s premier meeting destinations, we look forward to seeing this world-class facility come to life.”


According to the center’s General Manager Kimberly Weedmark, the LACC hosts nearly 200 events and attracts two million visitors annually. She and her staff are particularly excited that an upgraded facility will allow them to expand their event base with more top-tier programs and will allow current clients continued growth opportunities. “An expanded and modernized center will provide our customers with innovative technology and demonstrate leadership in sustainability,” was Weedmark’s take on the expansion. “We look forward to delivering excellent service and exceeding clients’ and guests’ expectations at every event.” For more information:



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