F&EM Product of the Month: Avery’s Surface Safe Sign Labels

Damage-Free Sign Labels for the Hospitality Industry

Throughout the hospitality industry, signs are used virtually everywhere, from the front door and reception area/lobby; to restaurant and kitchen areas; to performance venues, conference rooms and gift shops; to the routes and maps for emergency exits.

Many signs can cause damage to the underlying surfaces when taped, tacked, nailed or screwed to walls, glass or equipment, which can hasten the need for costly repair and repainting.

Surface Safe Sign Labels feature easy clean off

With repair, replacement, and renewal one of the hospitality industry’s largest expenses, accounting for 8 percent to 12 percent of total revenue, wall painting and repair can represent a sizable share of the cost.

As a result, Avery created Surface Safe Sign Labels — an exclusive, proprietary product specially engineered to stick securely yet remove cleanly without damage or residue to painted walls, doors, windows, furnishings, equipment and other interior surfaces.

These “labels used as signs” are made of durable, commercial-grade material that resists water, chemicals and even abrasion. The customizable sign labels can be used to notify, instruct, provide safety guidelines and more.

For more information, visit www.Avery.com/signs.