SMG’s John Bolton to Serve as IEBA Board President
  • April 1, 2019

    John Bolton

    WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA — The International Association of Entertainment Buyers (IEBA) has elected SMG’s John Bolton, CVE, to serve as President of the Board in 2020. Bolton will assume the role of Board Vice President in 2019, President in 2020 and Chairman in 2021.

    “John has a wealth of experience as a venue professional and is a highly respected member of our organization, making him the ideal candidate for this crucial position,” commented Pam Matthews, IEBA’s Executive Director. “We confidently rely on his guidance as we serve IEBA’s membership — our valuable community of live entertainment industry professionals.”

    Bolton currently serves as Vice President of Entertainment for SMG. In this position, Bolton works with SMG Arenas and Stadiums in the presentation of some 32,000 live events annually. Additionally, he provides marketing and public relations support to more than 140 SMG arena marketing professionals. Bolton also heads up SMG’s Event Innovation Team.

    “IEBA is an incredible organization led by an amazing professional staff that truly understand the entertainment business. Being able to work alongside them and our Board is truly a privilege,” said Bolton.