In the fiscal Year 2021-2022 Reno Tahoe Room Tax Collections Are the Highest Ever

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Nine individual months set room tax records in FY 2021-2022
Reno Tahoe President and CEO Charles Harris
Reno Tahoe President and CEO Charles Harris

RENO, Nev. (August 18, 2022) – Reno Tahoe today released transiently
lodging and room tax statistics showing FY 2021-2022’s total of
$457,010,853 as the most Taxable Room Revenue ever recorded in a fiscal
year. Three of the top five revenue-producing months came from FY
2021-2022, with nine records set for monthly room tax collections.

“It is inspiring to welcome today’s travelers to Reno Tahoe, where our
destination partners are tirelessly working to elevate the guest
experience,” said Reno Tahoe President and CEO Charles Harris. “These
record-setting years contribute greatly to the overall health and
the economic well-being of the regional tourism industry.”

Reno Tahoe maintains 6.625% of Taxable Room Revenue for its operational
budget, incorporating sales, marketing, promotions, and facilities
management. The $55.8 million increase in Taxable Room Revenue, from FY
2018-2019 to FY 2021-2022, represented a $3.2 million increase for Reno
Tahoe’s overall operational budget; monies used for capital
improvements, as well as additional sales and marketing programs
designed to bring visitors to Northern Nevada.

In FY 2021-2022, Taxable Room Revenue in Washoe County was up 13.9%,
from $401,157,231 to $457,010,853, compared to FY 2018-2019. Cash
Occupied Rooms were down 7.2%, from 3,472,202 to 3,220,907, over the
same time period, and Average Daily Rates (ADR) increased 22.8%, from
$115.53 to $141.89. Due to the March 2020 pandemic shutdown of Reno
Tahoe’s major resort hotel, the RSCVA is emphasizing statistical
comparisons to 2019.

In FY 2021-2022, these monthly room tax revenue records were set for the
months of:

Previous Monthly Records

July                          $53,830,709             (2019 –

          October                    $35,235,666             (2019 –

 November                $28,705,559             (2019 – $26,001,367)

 December                 $32,088,533             (2018 – $29,774,489)

 February                  $31,286,558             (2020 – $31,144,994)

 March                      $35,427,078             (2019 – $30,258,098)

 April                         $39,677,765             (2021 –

 May                         $38,117,814             (2019 –

 June                        $47,560,295             (2021 –


Reno Tahoe’s Historical Top 5 Months of Taxable Room Revenue:

 1)    July 2021                  $53,830,709

 2)    June 2022                 $47,560,295

 3)    August 2019             $46,663,912

 4)    August 2021             $46,261,278

 5)    June 2021                 $45,317,551

Reno Tahoe continues to work with meetings, conventions, trade shows, and
sports event planners to negotiate future group events at Washoe County
event and lodging facilities. For more information on how Northern
Nevada is working to accommodate travel, go to

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