Albany Capital Center Takes Step to Maximize Indoor Air Quality

ALBANY, NY — The Albany Capital Center (ACC) plans to install Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology. Approved by the Albany Convention Center Authority (ACCA), this new system will actively and continuously purify indoor air quality, reducing airborne and surface contaminants, pollutants and viruses such as COVID-19. The Bipolar Ionization technology, designed by CHA Consulting, Inc., offers a comprehensive indoor air quality solution.

The ACC continues to implement protocols and technologies in response to the COVID pandemic. The facility remains compliant with the CDC and government guidelines, enhancing already stringent standards of ASM Global‘s Venue Shield program. Touchless temperature kiosks and contract tracing are also implemented when needed. The added improvement to air quality along with existing measures will add to the facility’s resume in the application process to become an accredited GBAC (Global Risk Advisory Council) facility.

“The management of indoor air quality is important to our efforts in providing for the best attendee experience at the Albany Capital Center, and the investment in this technology is but one step that the Albany Convention Center Authority has taken to assure that is always the case,” said Michele Vennard, chair, ACCA.

“The Albany Convention Center Authority is committed to maintaining the best conditions for attendees at the Albany Capital Center, and enhanced indoor air quality management will be an important part of that guest experience,” said ACCA Board Member, NYS Assembly Member John T. McDonald III.

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