TCF Center Enhances Security Services and Protocols
  • February 24, 2020

    DETROIT, MI — Claude Molinari, General Manager of ASM Global/TCF Center, recently announced a reorganization of security services at TCF Center that will assure customers and visitors the most advanced and extensive services designed to keep events safe.

    “TCF Center security is constantly working with local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies to provide safe and peaceful opportunities for events and visitors in the venue,” said Molinari. “From the Coast Guard and Customs and Border Patrol protecting our Canadian border, to the Detroit Police Department and every agency in between that contributes to surveillance and response, our venue’s event security is prepared to cover just about any conceivable eventuality.”

    To improve the organization of the TCF Center security operations, several aspects of the department have been enhanced and reorganized:

    • In-house security staff scheduling has been expanded to three shifts, each with supervisors dedicated to specific events and building security outposts.

    • A new dispatch command center staffed with TCF Center security officers seven days a week, 365 days a year has been created and the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system expanded. According to Molinari, “We operate a staffed, live-monitored command center 24/7, and we are now able to see almost everything happening around our 55-acre property. If we miss something, we can quickly review recorded video. The new system is quite comprehensive.”

    • TCF Center Security is available to assist clients with pre-event planning along with local law enforcement agencies. Events can also be screened for potential threats by the Detroit Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

    In addition, TCF Center is a member of the Project Lighthouse Central Business District Neighborhood Watch, an organization developed and run by the Downtown Detroit Partnership. This allows information, two-way radio and CCTV sharing to be monitored by the Detroit Police Department for citywide events.

    On the training side, the TCF Security Emergency Management Planning (SEMP) protocol requires yearly tabletop exercises including all security agency partners, with a full-scale active shooter exercise every three years that includes all staff.

    During a federal high-alert warning, heightened security can include an event security command center in partnership with Homeland Security on the premises, plain-clothed officers, road closings, restrictions on vehicle and pedestrian movement and standing, and an increase in security personnel. It may also include stop points to screen visitors entering exhibit halls or main entryways to the center, bomb-sniffing dog searches and strategic surveillance locations around events.

    On the cybersecurity front, TCF Center guarantees cybersecurity for customers with regular threat penetration testing to access the latest network threats and secure the network from them. These tests include Annual Payment Card Industry (PCI) testing for point-of-sale security to support customer credit card information security.