New Online Order System Streamlines Event Services in Cobo Center
  • February 23, 2018

    DETROIT, MI — Cobo Center launched and developed a newly redesigned exhibitor and conference services online ordering system while hosting the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The new system gives in-house and vendor event services a streamlined, transparent ordering process, which allows customer access to ordering history in Cobo from beginning to end.

    “For our customers across the globe, this new software creates an online order system for Cobo event services that gives immediate information to users on order status, history and payment,” said Claude Molinari, General Manager of SMG/Cobo Center. “Reports, statements, and receipts are digitized, simplified and always accessible.

    The new Telling Stone Software enables users to:

    • Access historical documentation for all orders previously placed for all events
    • Make a payment in a safe and secure manner with the ability to retain a credit card on file and expedite the checkout process
    • Review costs before placing orders
    • Receive electronic receipts and order confirmations
    • Review a detailed order history by event, making it easier to place orders for future events
    • Create order reports from historical data for event planning and budget development
    • Copy orders from one event to another

    “We know that if any part of our operations can deliver the level of service we expect to the auto show, it can support any event in our facility,” said Molinari. “NAIAS is the world’s biggest auto show, and it brings an international clientele with it. It was the perfect launching ground for us.”

    Going paperless has been an ongoing part of the Cobo Center sustainability program. This online ordering system encourages the use of digital files to keep and exchange ordering information, not only in the facility, but for customers wherever they are working.

    “The advanced technology creates an improved experience for customers who rely on us for their event’s success,” Molinari added.

    New security and technology improvements at Cobo Center after the $279 million renovation to the building’s infrastructure are part of the ongoing resurgence of Cobo Center and Detroit.