GBAC STAR-Accredited Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland Invests in Upgrades
  • December 22, 2020

    CLEVELAND, OH — This summer, the ASM Global-managed Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland earned multiple safety and green building certifications, including the GBAC STAR accreditation (click here for our report). The convention center is also investing in numerous upgrades and COVID-specific equipment.

    Facility Capital Projects – The following are in progress:

    • Employee breakroom and storage additions

    • C3/C4 prefunction carpet replacement

    • Concourse furniture

    • Wi-Fi and LAN design

    • 2020 security access control enhancements

    • Catering office updates

    COVID Specific Investments – $2.3 million in CARES Act funding has been approved by Cuyahoga County for improvements to the Huntington Convention Center. Some of the main COVID-related improvements include the following:

    • Antimicrobial handrails for escalators (in progress)

    • Ultraviolet light under escalator handrails (in progress)

    • Elevator cab ionization units

    • Needlepoint bipolar ionization within air-handling units

    • Automatic door openers for all restrooms and main entrances, and a powered sliding door at the Hilton Downtown Cleveland connection (in progress)

    • Thermal temperature scanning equipment (in progress)

    • Filter upgrades within all air-handling units

    • Pathosans secondary generator

    • Additional barrier equipment purchases for social distancing